Bitumen Pressure

Delco’s bitumen distributor comes as a truck mounted or also with the truck as per choice , self propelled with suitable heating systems and variable spray bar to operate on constant pressure system, complete with air – compressor bitumen pump auxiliary engine tank mounting and other accessories.
A unique pressure cleaning system (PCS) cleans the system after use and avoids clogging

It is capable for use with bitumen emulsion also.

We conclude to provide you with several objectives with our Bitumen Pressure:

upto 10,000 litres

plug & play installation

25hp self slave engine

Please note that not all models are available in all countries and features and specifications may differ.



Introducing Delco’s Bitumen Distributor: Your Complete Asphalt Solution  
  • Truck-mounted or standalone options available
  • Self-propelled with efficient heating systems
[Watch the Bitumen distributor in action](YouTube video)
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