Hot Drum Mix Type Asphalt Plant

Delco’s automatic hot type asphalt plant compliant to the latest M.O.R.T.H. Specifications and are designed engineered to give a trouble – free performance with superior fuel efficiency. Our pursuance to offer our customer the best constant up-gradation of products , today showcases exceptional and unmatched product refinement in our asphalt plants. Available in capacities ranging from 40-120 TPH output.

As a renowned company of asphalt mixing plant manufacturers, we have come up with a unique design that improves thermal efficiency, lowers heat losses, aids power saving, reduces the thermal stresses on the drying drum, thus improving the burner efficiency. The burner itself comes specifically designed for the client company to meet definite protocols and the efficiency levels designed by us to ensure that our clients obtain the best product. We also make sure that our hot mix plant cost is perfectly affordable.

The AP series of asphalt batching plants are renowned for their high efficiency, production capability, and low maintenance.
Rated Output Capacity


Multiple bins to handle different sizes of virgin aggregates.bin width is designed to prevent the spillage of one aggregate to other bin , the slope allows for free flow of aggregate without bridge forming.the bins are equipped with gate and variable speed feeder belly conveyor to control and set the amount of aggregate to be drawn from that bin.
Transfers the cold aggregate to the drying cum coating rotary drum. It is a belt conveyor with equally spaced idler rollers , return rollers and frame fabricated for structural steel.
we take special care while designing the dryer units that can be used for the asphalt mix plants. We use cutting-edge technology and design solutions to create the dryer units that can be used for creating the perfect mix which can then be used for the project. The highly advanced roller friction drive technology that comes with our dryer units naturally makes them robust which minimises the need for regular maintenance.. it follows a triple heat transfer to the aggregates using the conductive connective and radiation techniques.
The hot mix asphalt from the drum mixer is deposited on the load out belt convey for transfer it to gob hopper/storage silo. The storage silo converts the continuous flow of mix material into a batch flow(to avoid segregation ) for discharge into a haul vehicle.
DELCO offers a wide range of fillers storage and feeding solutions for the customers to choose from,depending on the site requirements . A variable speed computerised synchronised metering system ensures the right proportioning in the mix.
It is fabricated from CRC sheet and powder coated with user friendly push button touch screen operating consoles. All the operating buttons are logically placed in a sequence for starting and stopping the plant. Separate console with feather touch buttons and digital display is provided to set the variable and other constant parameters. It is with the option of auto and manual mode for operation and equipped with printer.
DELCO offers an insulated fabricated from M.S. sheet , angles & channel with wooden flooring & walls. The cabin has glass windows all around, so that the operator has full view on all sides from the cabin for ease of operation and control.
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