The HYDRA15 is a well designed to be a low operational cost machine to save the extra buck out of your pockets. It’s cabin has been designed ergonomically for the ease of the operators comfort and safety during work.Comes in a 4 spool control valve with built in pressure relief valve and precision control. It can lift you 15tons upto the exceptional height of 17metres @ 56degree angle. Attaining the best in class creep speed and lifting stability Delco has been selling the best in range HYDRA15 across east Africa and the Middle East for decades.

The PNC15 is not just a crane; it’s a smart investment designed to reduce operational costs. Its ergonomic cabin ensures operator comfort and safety, promoting efficient work practices. Equipped with a 4-spool control valve featuring a built-in pressure relief valve and precision control.



Max Lift



ESCORTS AE 4.312C-3A 50HP@2200RPM



The HYDRA15 Designed for efficiency and comfort.
  • Low operational costs
  • Ergonomic cabin design for operator comfort and safety
  • 4 spool control valve with built-in pressure relief valve
[Watch the HYDRA15 in action](YouTube video)
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