Road Marking Machine

A road marking machine typically features a stainless steel tank with an agitator for efficient material mixing. It often includes a front-mounted pointer guide, allowing for easy adjustment according to shoe size. Equipped with an LPG heating system powered by heavy-duty ring type burners, these machines ensure consistent material temperature for optimal performance. Additionally, they come with safety features like a hand torch for burner lighting and a dial-type temperature gauge to maintain uniform material temperature. The machine’s screed shoe offers versatility with adjustable widths, while a glass beads dispenser ensures precise and constant distribution for reflective markings. Conveniently, an auto-lockable rear wheel facilitates alignment and maneuverability, while a tool box provides storage for essential equipment.

Stainless Steel Tank Capacity


Auto Lockable Rear Wheel

Straight & fine alignment of markings

Tool Box

Included for tool kit storage and other essentials.



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