DD 90 Double Drum Roller

Delco has designed the double drum tandem vibratory roller DD90, powered with ESCORTS E$.286 TCI there 4-cylinder, water cooled engine at 74HP@2300 rpm. It is also equipped with the 4-stage filtration pressure sprinkle, manual, automatic, and corrosion free plastic water tank on each drum.

Well-proven compaction technology: high manufacturing quality standards achieved throughout a long experience. The compact design and the weight equally distributed on both drums provide even compaction and easy transportability; The improved ground clearance allows to work on extremely uneven terrains; The excellent gradeability maximizes the machine versatility; The high steering angle allows the machines to work in very narrow spaces and to increase the compacting accuracy. The superior drum diameter ensures high compaction quality even in case of very irregular surfaces.

Heavy duty articulation joint to enhance the reliability of the machine in every working condition and terrain. Large anti-vibration mounts for effective isolation and long life 2 drum scrapper per drum, self-adjusting type, no maintenance required Easy accessibility to all components for quick and effortless maintenance

We care about the small details and give you the optional features to add Switchable to single/either Drum Vibration, Cabin, Heater, Demister, Edge Cutting and pressing Discs, Cold Start Kit to your DD120 to enjoy the full finish of the machine.

Max Power

76hp @2300 rpm

Drum width

1680 MM

Operating Mass



IIntroducing the Delco DD90 Double Drum Roller: Unmatched Power and Performance  
  • 4-stage filtration pressure sprinkle with manual, automatic, and corrosion-free plastic water tanks on each drum
  • Well-proven compaction technology with high manufacturing quality standards
[Watch the DD90 in action](YouTube video)
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