Double Drum Pedestrian Roller

Double Drum Pedestrian Roller is a duplex roller, ideal for compacting soil and asphalt. The machine is fully hydraulic which allows a small overhang enabling the roller to run close to obstructions, e.g., walls. It is equipped with a large water tank, dead-man’s handle and push-stop. The machine can also be supplied with an electric starter. Delco’s WB650 excellent choice in its fleet provides you excellent surface coverage and gradeability with the help of the hydrostatic drum drive. Infinitely variable speed combined with Twin Vibration Technology delivers a smooth surface.

All service points are easily accessible under the hoods. The filters, hydraulic hoses and other components are clearly marked and located at the right places making it an easier in-house job reducing cost & expenses.

Max Power

7.60KW @ 3000

Linear Load

5.50 kg/cm

Operating Mass

7.60KW @ 3000



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