XP95 Plus Backhoe Loaders

Introducing the XP 95 Plus 4×4 backhoe loader, a superior choice for any fleet. This powerhouse machine delivers robust performance to tackle your toughest tasks, all while keeping owning and operating costs in check. Engineered with your needs in mind, it boasts exceptional visibility and top-notch operator comfort for extended work periods.
Experience the unmatched strength of the XP 95 Plus 4×4’s Powerlift feature, designed to effortlessly break through even the most challenging soils. With ample power distributed to both ends of the machine, productivity is maximized at every turn. You’ll appreciate its industry-leading comfort features, including enhanced side lighting and optimal airflow, ensuring seamless operation day or night across various applications, from road building to commercial construction projects.
Thanks to our innovative loader arm design, productivity receives a significant boost. The loader’s increased breakout force and superior reach make dumping material into haul trucks a breeze. Enjoy a remarkable 36 percent lift capacity increase compared to previous models, along with deeper dig depths surpassing those of the former market leader. With the XP 95 Plus 4×4 backhoe loader, expect enhanced fuel efficiency without compromising on power or visibility, setting a new standard for performance in the field.

Max Power

95HP /100HP @2200 rpm

Lifting Capacity

1980 KG

Operating Weight

8190 KG



Introducing the XP 95 Plus 4×4 Backhoe Loader: Your Ultimate Fleet Companion
  • Robust performance for tough tasks with low owning and operating costs
  • Exceptional visibility and operator comfort for extended work periods
[Watch the XP95 plus in action](YouTube video)
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